I suck at minecraft. Here are some comics about my sucking at minecraft.


I need to work on the layout for the comic. :I
Gotta come up with some kind of new-hotness.

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Got questions also an update about Server stuffs.

Hey guys, i was thinking about trying my hand at doing a response video or something. (My youtube channel is quite bare.) Were there questions any of you had for me perchance? I could be anything really. It doesn't even have to pertain to failcraft or minecraft. Now i can't promise any stunning editing as this will be the first time i'm going to attempt one of these things. I Just want to do something fun that involves you guys. :D

So if you have any questions feel free to send them to me at

Please include the name (online handles are fine) You would like to be recognized by.

So go on. Ask away. :D

NEXT ORDER ON THE AGENDA------------------------------*

So i know you guys have wanted to know if there is a server that you can play on.

I want to know how many of you are actually interested in this happening. Also, having a server costs money. Money which i don't nearly make enough of to support myself let alone a server. So if i were to do research and find a host for a server, How into making donations to help keep the server up would you be? As much as i love drawing failcraft and how awesome it would be to have an actual server to play on with you all, i don't actually make any money off of the comic. So If you'd like to put in to the support of a server i'd be willing to do some research to start one. :D Y'dig?

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to pop in and see if there are any particular parts of minecraft that you'd like to see covered by failcraft.
I have to still get to the nether, so i know that's a thing... but i mean, is there something that you guys would like to see me address?

Just lookin for some feedback. :D

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Hey guys, i want to address the topic of updates and the lack there of.
I had been having problems with work since november and just recently i got a new job, which i have been working for the past week. But prior to starting at this new job i was preparing for megacon and really everything seemed to be piling up.

I'm really glad that everyone enjoys reading Failcraft and wants me to continue to update. I can only ask that you be patient with me. I still have some commissions to finish and some other things to prioritize before i update failcraft again.

I hope you all can understand that right now life is taking presidence over the comic. I hate to be that guy but it happens. :<

Sorry guys,
<3 Kay

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New Year